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Why notaries need your identification

  Notaries are regularly presented with a wide range of government issued photo identification. Yet, a lot of our clients ask why we require the person requesting our services to present a valid piece of government issued photo identification.
The fact is, notaries are responsible for ensuring the identity of signers and can be subject to civil or criminal liability if they fail to do so. In Ontario, a notary can be sentenced for up to two years in jail for failing to take appropriate steps to confirm the identity of the person requesting services (in addition to a monetary fine).
To add to the confusion, the Ontario driver’s licence and the standard passport are valid for a period of five years. People gain weight, change their hair style and/or colour, shave, and do any number of things to their appearance. Our notaries may need to question you to confirm who you are. This may involve asking you for your postal code, your height, etc.
Please be patient with our notaries when they are examining your identification.
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