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Frequently Asked Questions
  How much do your services cost?  
  Click on PRICE STRUCTURE to view our standard and mobile price tables.  
  Why are your costs so low?  
  Our costs are only seen as low because notaries in Toronto have overcharged for their services for decades. The act of commissioning an oath, notarizing a document, or witnessing a signature takes five minutes (oftentimes less). firmly believes that the public should not be penalized because of a lack of competition artificially inflating the price.  
  Do I need a coloured seal when having my documents notarized?  
  No. A notarial impression creates a raised edge on the notarized document and has the same legal effect as if there was a coloured seal underneath. Some customers prefer a coloured seal placed over the notarial impression as they believe it looks more official. However, this is not a necessary. We charge $1 extra for every coloured seal requested by our clients.  
  Are your notaries all lawyers?  
  Yes, all of our notaries are lawyers. However, lawyers are appointed as notaries by the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario. This means that the notarial services they provide are not considered legal work or advice.  
  Do I need an appointment?  
  Yes, you need an appointment. As we provide mobile notary services, our notaries may be out on a call and not in the advertised locations. To ensure a notary is available, you should call, text, email, or fill in our contact form and we will book you an appointment at a convenient time.  
  Will the notary look over my document before I sign it?  
  The notary will not look over your document before you sign it. The notary is not providing legal advice and cannot consult with you regarding the accuracy of the information. The notary will request your identification to confirm you are who you say you are.  
   I need a lawyer to draft my document. Can you help? is not a law firm and cannot provide legal services. However, if you book an appointment with one of our notaries, you can certainly come to an arrangement with them. You will have to sign a retainer agreement with that particular lawyer.  
  Do you guarantee your work? will redo the notarizations/commissioning work at no charge if an error  was made.
However, clients are responsible for ensuring they have the correct form and any accompanying documentation and are familiar with the form's requirements for their intended purpose. It is also the client's responsibility to ensure the forms are fully and accurately completed.  Notary-toronto does not accept liability for clients' choices or completion of forms.
  My document is in Cantonese/Tagalog/Spanish, can your Notary still help me?  
  Yes! A notary is not giving advice on the content of the document, rather, confirming that you are the person signing the document or requesting a true copy. The notary will witness your signature or make a true copy of an original document.  
  Can you notarize an electronic document found on a website?  
  Yes! However, you will need to sign into the website to allow the Notary to view the electronic document you wish notarized. The Notary will then print and notarize the document. The Notary will make a note on the document that they have viewed the original online, the website where the document was found, and that it is a true copy of the online version.  
  I need to swear an Affidavit or an oath, what do I need to do before booking an appointment?  
  You are in need of commissioning services. A notary is able to commission oaths and will recite a statement before asking you to confirm the truth of the document. Remember, do not sign the document beforehand that you wish to swear an oath on or the notary will be unable to provide you services. The notary needs to administer the oath and witness your signature for our services to be valid.  
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