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1. If you are coming to us, please book an appointment. As we provide mobile notary services, we can be away from our posted locations at Sherbourne and Bloor or King and Yonge for periods of time. Booking an appointment ensures you that we will be available to meet you at the designated place and time.  
2. Client’s must bring a piece of government issued photo identification. Part of our role as notaries is to confirm the identity of the people requesting our services.  
3. If you need a complete copy of a passport notarized, please make the copy yourself and bring it to your appointment. Our notaries will visually check each page to ensure it is a complete copy before notarizing the passport copy as true. If you do not have a printer, please advise us in advance and we can meet you at a Staples Copy and Print Centre.  
4. You must bring the original documents! If you do not bring the original copies, we will not be able to assist you.  
5. Payment will be by credit, debit, paypal, or email money transfer.  
6. If you need your signature witnessed by a notary, do not sign the document before meeting us.  
7. If you need to swear an oath, do not sign the document before meeting us.  
8. Fill in all documents prior to arriving for your appointment except as noted in items 6 & 7 above. If you need our notaries to sign a document, place a small x beside the appropriate space.  
  Notaries are often called upon to certify true copies of documents. This service is to allow lawyers, governments, or businesses to have comfort that the documents they are dealing with are not tampered with in any way. can provide you a ‘certified true copy’ of an original document.
1 The original document does not need to be in english. Notaries do not certify the contents of a document. They just a provide a ‘certified true copy’.  
2 Our notaries will affix their seal to the front and back pages of a multiple page document. They will stamp each page in between and staple the documents together. Multiple page documents will be charged per seal.  
3 Our default is to provide your true copy in black and white. However, each institution and government is different and have their own requirements for notarized true copies. It is your responsibility to tell the notary at your appointment of any specific requirements for each notarized true copy.  
  There is no set list of documents which can be notarized as the requirements are specific to the situation. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email and we would be happy to help in any way we can.  
  Electronic documents can be anything from grades released online to an email attachment provided by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. When you book an appointment, let us know that you want an electronic document notarized.
You will be asked to sign into the website that contains the document you need notarized. The notary will then print the document and notarize the copy. The notary will note on the front of the document where the document was obtained and that it is an electronic copy.
Please note that electronic documents may not be accepted by the requesting organization. It is best to check if an electronic notarization is acceptable prior to accepting our services.
The person requesting the electronic document to be notarized will be asked to present a piece of government issued identification.
  A notary may also commission oaths. A commissioned document is where a person has sworn an oath stating that the contents of the document are true. A person must swear the oath before a notary/commissioner of oaths who will then sign and date the document.

As with other services, a commissioner will request a piece of valid photo identification to prove you are the person swearing the oath. The commissioner will ask if you would like to swear and oath or make a solemn affirmation. Swearing an oath is typically done with a hand placed on a holy text. A solemn affirmation carries the same legal effect, and does not require a holy text.

If you need to swear an oath for an affidavit, the commissioner will ask you the following question: Do you [swear/solemnly affirm and declare] that the contents of this affidavit as subscribed by you are true[, so help you God (only if swearing)]?

However, if you are swearing on oath on a document other than an affidavit, the notary/commissioner will ask you the following question: Do you make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath?

Please note, does not have any religious texts and relies solely on solemn affirmations. If you would prefer to swear an oath on a holy text of your choice, please bring your personal copy to your appointment.

You must not sign the oath or affidavit prior to meeting with the notary/commissioner. You will be refused service.
  A travel consent letter is used by youths (under the age of 18) who are travelling overseas, but not in the company of both, all, or none of their parents/legal guardians. For example, one parent may want to travel to the United States on a camping trip with their children, but the other parent cannot go. Or, a school sports team needs to travel to an international tournament under the guardianship of the coach alone.
In these instances, a notarized travel consent letter, with the signatures of all of the parents/guardians is strongly recommended by the government of Canada. It is not a necessity. However, a border guard may refuse you at the border, placing the trip in jeopardy.
If you wish to have a travel consent letter notarized, please ensure all parents/legal guardians attend the appointment. The notary must witness the signature of everyone involved before affixing their seal.
You may prepare the travel document in advance. Go to to download the recommended template.
All parents/legal guardians must bring a piece of government issued identification.
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